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Practical tips for working moms to ease back into work after a holiday.

Updated: May 10, 2023

Do you find it hard to get back to work mode after a vacation? I have always found it challenging to get back to work after a holiday or break of any sort.

Earlier it was hard because I had stopped enjoying the work I was doing. Now, I love what I do. But working on your own business comes with its own challenges. I must hold myself accountable for the never ending to do list. The break, while much needed causes a break in the momentum or flow of work. So, when I return, my to do list suddenly feels overwhelming which leads me to procrastinate. And as a mum this to do list is not only for work but also consists of things we need to do for home and our little ones. I have noticed this with many of my ex-colleagues and clients as well.

So how do we stay on track? Here are some practical tips that I have tried & tested and help me ease back into work mode after a holiday.

1. I have learned to plan ahead: Before leaving for my holiday, I plan for my return to work. I create a to-do list beforehand and set aside time to catch up on emails and re-prioritize tasks if needed. As far as possible, I schedule meetings only a couple of days after getting back to work, so I have time to prepare. This helps me feel organized and less overwhelmed.

2. I prioritize the most important tasks on my to-do list based on urgency and importance. So, I know what I need to tackle first once I return from my holiday. And as I start tackling the first things on my list, it helps me feel productive and motivated which in turn helps me to get back the momentum I need to tackle the rest of the tasks on the list.

3. I give myself time and try not to jump straight back into work as soon as I return from my holiday. I give myself a day or two when possible, to adjust back into my routine as well as help my family especially my daughter fall back into her routine. I use this time to unpack, do laundry, meal prep or any other admin or housework that needs to be done so that it does not play on my mind when I start work.

4. I like to Organise my workspace and remove any clutter on or around my desk. This is very important for me and helps me to clear my head of any negative thoughts or doubts and stay focused. I tend to be forgetful. So, I also ensure I have my daily planner along with my digital calendar up to date to keep track of my to-do list, deadlines, meetings, and/or appointments. This helps me to stay on top of my tasks and avoid feeling overwhelmed.

5. Get back to my routine: I try to get back into my everyday routine as soon as possible. I follow a morning routine which includes exercise, meditation and journaling. Regular exercise & meditation helps reduce stress, increase energy levels, and improve focus. Getting back into this routine or habit automatically gears me up for work mode and ups my motivation levels. I also check if I need to readjust my working hours in case of any change in my daughter’s school or after school club schedule.

6. I have started setting realistic goals for myself. While there are many urgent tasks, it is not possible to accomplish everything at once. Instead, I break tasks down into smaller, manageable steps.

7. Take breaks: I break up my workday with short breaks to help me stay focused and avoid burnout. I take a coffee break, go for a walk if it’s a nice sunny day, have a snack or do some stretching exercises to get up from my desk and refresh my mind and body in between tasks.

8. Stay positive & connected: I focus on the positive aspects of my work and business and try to maintain a growth mindset. I remind myself of why I enjoy doing what I do. Currently, I work on my own. But I do have some peers in the coaching industry as well as my coaching study group who I like to stay in touch with. We have regular live sessions that I like to attend which helps me stay connected and on top of new methods and techniques in the coaching industry. This in turn helps me stay motivated and engaged. If you are working with a team, make sure to touch base with them once you are back to catch up on what's been happening while you were away. All of this can help one feel more connected and ease the transition back into work mode.

I realise that it's natural to feel a bit out of sync when returning to work after a holiday. But I have found that by taking things one step at a time and focusing on what's most important, one can ease the transition and get back into work mode with confidence. So whether you are working in a company or own your own business try these simple steps the next time you go on a break and let me know if it helps in the comments below or email me on


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