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Taking Notes


"Sanjukta is such a talented coach. As a recovering procrastinator, and perfectionist with FoMo Sanjukta has had her hands full with me. She has helped me uncover my limited beliefs on both a subconscious and conscious level. This has helped me to discover what my role has been in me not reaching my goals. With her clever, and yet soothing way of coaching she always manages to circle back to the initial issue of matter. I have learned to understand myself better and therefore become an aware asset in my own life as I continue to check more goals off my bucket list.
Anyone that gets an opportunity to work with Sanjukta, should consider themselves blessed and a step closer to their breakthrough."

"I have been working with Sanjukta for the past month or so.  From our first meeting, I immediately felt at ease and comfortable and we connected really well.   Her style is very calming and she really listened and understood my challenges Over the weeks we worked together, through her coaching, i was able to identify mores specifically where i was being held back in my goals and what i want to achieve. She worked with me on looking at ways we can change these beliefs and stories i have been subconsciously telling myself to enable me to move forward with new beliefs. Together we identified several action steps that i can start to take to support me on my journey. I'm very grateful for the questions she asked and insights she has given that has allowed me to reflect on where I'm at and what i can do to move forward."

Miriam Nabunya, Business owner and Lecturer, Norway

Kate Benaicha, HR Business Partner, UK

I just wanted to thank you for having me on your coaching books. You are doing an amazing job because it's finally hitting home with me. Your sessions are to the point and focused on the problems we need to tackle yet you leave a room for any necessary topics which bug me last minute. The questions and method you use is the most efficient in my struggle to get better and make me change my thinking and behaviour for the ones I need to progress. 
Thank you for your patience, wisdom and understanding. You make me see my world in brighter colours. Best Wishes.

Sanjukta played a salient role during a key transition point in my career and I would recommend her as a force to help shape and enable you to springboard onto the next stages of your professional life. She has calm and supportive demeanor, and I know from experience, also has a strong desire to see women prosper.

Joana Sales, Office Adminstrator, London UK.

Rachel Jena, Deputy GM, China

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