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Welcome to my site! Let me share a bit about myself and why I am here.

As a working women and a mum I understand the challenges we face firsthand when it comes to balancing our careers and personal lives. From growing up in Mumbai to now residing in London with my amazing husband and 12 year old daughter I have had a journey filled with diverse experiences. I began my career in advertising 20 years back and then when I returned from my maternity break, I transitioned to recruiting for the advertising & marketing industry. I had the opportunity to collaborate with top professionals worldwide. In fact, through living in multiple cities (Mumbai, Bangalore, Dubai & London) across 3 different countries I have built valuable professional relationships spanning various markets and industries globally.

And I noticed something; 

Amidst our unique paths, there is one thing that unites us women;  Our innate desire to prove ourselves. We're experts at juggling multiple tasks, embracing control, and hesitating to ask for help. We are conditioned to take on too much and try to balance it all. We do not set boundaries. We doubt ourselves. We neglect self-care and personal growth. We do not take the time to get clarity on what we truly want. The result? We feel trapped in the constant hustle, overwhelmed, overworked, low in confidence and one step away from burnout. We yearn to make progress towards our dreams and goals, but somehow things remain unfinished, leaving us unsatisfied and stuck.

These struggles become even more pronounced when we enter motherhood. We are conditioned to believe that as women if we do not do it all ourselves no one else will, we have to sacrifice, and we need to put other's needs before our own. We're left wondering if we have to choose between our personal and professional lives, believing we cannot have success and fulfilment in both.

We relentlessly pursue perfection in every aspect of our lives, especially when it comes to our little ones. We want them to always have the best. So from arranging playdates and managing calendars to providing the best nutrition and clothing, we forget to ask ourselves what we truly want to achieve. We lose sight of our own identity and aspirations, feeling stuck in a cycle of obligations and duties.

I've personally experienced these challenges, questioning my purpose and struggling to find balance after the premature birth of my daughter. Those first few months were consumed by hospital visits and worries - a period that tested me like no other. They were the most stressful and challenging times in my life and yet the most beautiful. It allowed me to embrace the joys of motherhood without fearing a slowdown. My priorities had completely changed. After 3 long months my daughter finally came home and started thriving and hitting each milestone with resilience.


When she turned 3, I made the decision to re-enter the workforce but I felt uncertain about what direction to take or how I would find a job that allowed me to balance my career with time for my little one. I explored various options grappling with the shift in my priorities and the impact it had on my career and financial independence. I tried different opportunities and finally started working with an executive search(recruitment) firm. It was a great place to work and gave me the flexibility I needed but not the financial freedom I wanted as well. Slowly I felt a loss of motivation, confidence and imposter syndrome. The turning point for me was when I stumbled upon the profound concepts of "Ikigai", "Logotherapy" & "Lagom" in the pages of a few remarkable books that I read. These discoveries prompted me to question what truly mattered to me and that's when I invested the time necessary to find my purpose & balance. 

Now, equipped with two life coaching certifications and enriched by numerous coaching experiences where I had the opportunity to listen to several women who have been on similar journeys, I am here to make a genuine difference. I found my 'ikigai' in Coaching other women like me. My mission is to empower working women and mothers to have the freedom to pursue their passions, strengthen their cherished relationships, and achieve their career and financial goals without sacrificing time for themselves and their families. I want to enable them to return to work with confidence and grow in a career that they are truly passionate about and lead happier and more balanced lives; Lives where they have no regrets, leaving behind a legacy that makes them feel proud and fulfilled.

So, please do get in touch, and let’s unfold the endless possibilities awaiting you. I firmly believe

 that the life you truly desire is within your grasp.

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