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I offer a variety of coaching programs or services to help you gain clarity and move past the obstacles and self limiting beliefs that hold us back in our lives. I will help you identify your personal values, strengths and capabilities and enable you to develop positive habits in support of your personal and professional goals. 
Contact me to see how I can empower you to develop a different perspective on the obstacles in your path so that you can develop a mindset that helps you achieve the outcomes you’re striving for.

1:1 Coaching Services:


Are you tired of feeling like you have hit a glass ceiling in your career? Are you feeling stuck or constantly adding tasks to your to-do list without making progress? It's time to take control and achieve your professional goals with my specialized 6 to 12 week career coaching program for women. I will enable you to break through the internal and external barriers that are holding you back. Together we will navigate the challenges, overcome self-doubt and propel your career to new heights.

Benefits of my coaching tools and techniques:

1.     Break Free from Career Stagnation:​

o   Get clarity on your career goals & what is holding you back

o   Unlock opportunities for professional development

2.     Shatter the Glass Ceiling:

o   Transform self-limiting beliefs that are holding you back.

o   Develop strategies to navigate corporate challenges

o   Gain the confidence to aim higher and achieve more

3.     ​Boost Confidence and Overcome Imposter Syndrome:

o   Learn to overcome self-doubt and practice self-compassion.

o   Embrace your strengths and positive qualities.

o   Boost self worth through positive affirmations.

4.     ​Find Purpose and Meaning in Your Work:

o   Reconnect with your passion and align it with your career

o   Cultivate a sense of purpose that fuels your motivation

5.     ​Achieve Work-Life Balance and Reduce Stress:

o   Learn time management strategies to manage work-related stress or burnout.

o   Create & manage priorities for a healthy work-life integration that supports your well-being

o   Prioritize self-care and build positive habits to find fulfilment both personally and professionally

6.   ​ Overcome Procrastination and Decision Paralysis:

o   Strive for personal best rather than perfection

o   Develop effective decision-making skills

o   Take decisive actions that propel your career forward

7.     ​Navigate Career Transitions and Changes:

o   Successfully transition into a new/senior role or job

o   Explore new career paths and make informed choices

o   Embrace change and leverage it for personal and professional growth. 

8.     ​Unleash Entrepreneurial Aspirations if any:

o   Overcome obstacles in starting your own business

o   Develop a roadmap for entrepreneurial success

o   Gain clarity, inspiration, and support to pursue self-employment.

9.     ​Feminine Energy

o   Get in touch with your feminine energy and learn to trust yourself.

During my 8 years working with a recruitment consultancy and managing mid to senior leadership roles I had the opportunity to work closely with hiring managers and candidates across markets giving me a good understanding of the needs, values and habits required to grow in your career. So, I will use my expertise and together we will conquer your challenges and achieve the success and fulfilment you deserve. Contact me today to embark on a transformative journey and elevate your career to new heights.

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Are you seeking a life of balance, fulfilment and success. Tired of feeling overwhelmed and craving better balance between work and life? Look no further. I am here to support and guide you in your journey to find harmony in your personal and professional life. My 12 week balancing act coaching program is designed exclusively for working women and mums like you, who juggle multiple roles.

You will receive personalised coaching sessions focussed on:

  1. Work life integration -Take a look at different areas of your life and create a vision/ goals for each area of your life. Establish which areas are priorities. Set priorities & uncover strategies allowing you to seamlessly integrate work and personal responsibilities allowing you to excel in both areas without feeling overwhelmed.

  2. Enhance Time management skills - Together, we'll optimize your time management skills, prioritise tasks, and create efficient routines that maximize productivity and help you gain back time so you have quality time for yourself, loved ones & what is important to you at home and work.

  3. Manage stress and mom guilt: Learn techniques and build resilience to handle stress effectively, conquer mom guilt and nurture your well being. Develop a positive mindset and habits that empower you to face any challenges.

  4. Set healthy boundaries - Learn to establish boundaries that protect your boundaries at work and in your personal life. Gain the confidence to say no and prioritise your own needs so you can cultivate a life that aligns with your values.

  5. Overcome overthinking & negative self talk - Shift your mindset to stop overthinking and silence the self doubt. Embrace self love, confidence & positivity.

  6. Goal setting & achievement - Set meaningful goals and create an action plan that aligns with your values, aspirations and vision for balanced and fullfilled life. Transform any self-limiting beliefs that are holding you back.

Over the last few years, I myself have been working on my own mindset and have achieved some eye opening breakthroughs that have helped me find balance in my life. I would now like to invite you embark on this transformative journey with me where I provide you with a listening ear and unwavering support, practical guidance and a safe space to explore and grow. We will create a roadmap for you to cultivate a healthy work life balance, set boundaries, implement routines and self care practices to prevent burnout. I'll design a personalised plan for you to find balance, joy and success in every facet of your life. 

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This program is a favourite among many of my clients. In this 12 week program I coach women who are looking to return to work after a maternity break or sabbatical of any length. My job is to give you the tools and techniques to ensure a smooth transition back to the workforce :

My coaching sessions will enable you to: 

  1. Identify your purpose / goals – Identify your passions, strengths and values.

  2. Get clarity on your career path & choices: Identify career paths that align with your values and purpose.

  3. Identify the challenges or blocks stopping you from returning to work – Some are real/practical challenges such as loss of skill sets while others are subconscious blocks leading to self limiting beliefs.

  4. Transform these self limiting beliefs or blocks – Boost your confidence & self belief.

  5. Develop a positive mindset & habits – Let go of negative energy.

  6. Create an inspired action plan which will enable you to return to work – Get clear on what would like your perfect day to look like, do you want to work full time or part time, do you need flexible / hybrid hours, do you need to update your skill sets and so on. Create clear goals that you can communicate at home and work.

  7. Enhance Time management skills.- Together, we'll optimize your time management skills, prioritise tasks, and create efficient routines that maximize productivity and help you gain back time and return to work.

  8. Manage stress and mom guilt: Learn techniques and build resilience to handle stress effectively, conquer mom guilt and nurture your well-being. Develop a positive habits that empower you to face any challenges.

  9. Set healthy boundaries - Learn to establish boundaries that protect your boundaries at work and in your personal life. Communicate these boundaries and gain the confidence to say no.  Prioritise your own needs so you can cultivate a life that aligns with your values

Remember as a working woman and mother you deserve to pursue your dreams and find fulfilment in both your career and personal life. I know it is possible because I have been through this journey myself and reinvented my career twice. So let's start this transformative journey today.


Clarity is power.

The more clear you are about what you want, the more likely you are to achieve it. - Billy Cox.

Clarity is the first step to achieving your goals. When we do not have clarity in what we are trying to achieve, we tend to procrastinate. We go around in circles and feel overwhelmed and sometimes give up on our goals. But once we have clarity on the end result or what we want to achieve we can figure out a way to get there. As Tony Robbins says, "Focus on outcomes and not activities".

Through a single coaching session, I can help you gain clarity on the outcome you truly desire and what is holding you back from achieving it. Once you have the clarity you will find it easy to make a step by step plan to achieve your goals.

This is for you if:

- You are seeking clarity on identifying your purpose.

- Seeking clarity in your career choices or career goals

- You are seeking clarity on what is holding you back from creating the life and career you desire.

- If you are preparing to return to work after a break and seeking clarity on how to prepare yourself. I can assist with Cv writing, job interview preperation.

- Clarity on what you would like your ideal day to be - new schedule & maintaining work-life balance and so on. Create an ideal weekly schedule, prioritise tasks and so on.

- Clarity on how to manage flexible working/ WFH.

Here, I use my experiences as a recruiter combined with my life coaching skills to help you take the first steps to returning to work successfully and stress free.


Clarity is very personal and different for every person. Most of us have goals or dreams which seem unattainable and so they do not see the light of day. The truth is once we put in the time to get clarity on what we truly desire, we realise that the goals feel more achievable. With my one-off clarity coaching session, I will help you gain clarity in any one area of your life/career &/ or educational aspirations that you need to create the future you want.

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