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I specialise in 1:1 coaching sessions that are conducted over the phone or zoom. 


Our first meeting will be a 30min (free) discovery call for me to get an understanding of your goals and obstacles in your path. During this time I will also tell you about my process and what you can expect from our coaching sessions. 


By the end of the session I will customise a program that feels right for you. You will be able to choose between my different programs: 

  1. Career growth navigator for women leaders - Achieve your career goals

  2. Balance & Progress Coaching for working women and mothers - Balance and harmony in your work and personal life

  3. Career comeback : Return to work coaching for women - Return to work after a break, age or skills no barrier.

  4. Clarity coaching - Get clarity on your goals & what is holding you back.

Some of the ways I evoke awareness, breakthroughs and a shift in mindset for my clients, is as follows:

  • We work together to get clarity on your goals.

  • Identify your values, passions & purpose in life.

  • Clarity on why you are feeling stuck.

  • Identify and understand your limiting beliefs or subconscious blocks that are keeping you stuck.

  • Enable you to transform your limiting beliefs.

  • Identify goals that truly inspire you and feel good.

  • Goal setting & action steps - Enable you to create your inspired action plan.

  • Transform your energy so you feel more empowered and confident to achieve your goals going forward.


In our sessions, I guarantee absolute confidentiality, ensuring a safe space where you can express yourself freely. I approach all sessions with complete non judgement, respecting your unique identity, background, environment, experiences, values and beliefs. My primary role as your coach will be to actively listen and ask you questions to guide you towards developing a deeper awareness of your challenges, offering fresh perspectives and potential breakthroughs. I will then partner you to create a plan and put into action the breakthrough or mindset shift you have achieved. Together we cultivate a sense of trust in your own instincts & empower you to make confident decisions every time.

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