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Balancing act: Essential habits of highly successful working women.

“Being a woman is hard work” – Maya Angelou once said.

Balancing responsibilities between managing the household, caring for the family, nurturing children, and excelling in a career can be challenging. While hard work is seen as the key to success it does not mean multitasking, overworking and driving oneself to burnout. It is essential to work smart and adopt habits that are effective and sustainable. In my experience and from talking to women across different fields I have realised that successful women understand the importance of integrating hard work with a few practical habits and a positive mindset. So here are the habits that help them to manage their time and responsibilities effectively:

1. Set realistic goals – Successful Women understand the limitations of doing everything at once. They set achievable goals & prioritise tasks accordingly. They break down their goals into smaller steps and work on them consistently.

2. Plan ahead and stay organised– Planning ahead is crucial for working women and mothers. They plan their weeks, days, meals and schedules in advance. Using technology such as scheduling apps, online shopping and meal planning apps can simplify their lives. They establish systems for managing repetitive tasks, paperwork & documents. This helps them stay organised, save time and reduce stress.

3. Prioritise Self care – Successful women prioritise their health and well-being. They exercise regularly, eat healthily & ensure they get enough sleep. They understand the importance of taking breaks and allocating time for themselves. Whether it's spending quality time with their children, family and friends, pursuing a personal hobby or interest or resting when sick, self care helps to recharge their batteries.

4. Stay Focused and create boundaries– Successful women stay focused on their goals and avoid distractions. They prioritise their tasks and work on them one at a time. They realise the importance of setting boundaries in their lives and establish clear lines between work and personal life by setting specific work hours and prioritising personal time. This helps them dedicate time to both and maintain focus in each area respectively and avoid burnout. Creating boundaries also means saying “no” to tasks or commitments that do not align with their priorities or values. This helps them to avoid multitasking or people pleasing which reduces focus and productivity and increases stress.

5. Networking - Successful working women understand the importance of networking. They attend networking events, connect with other working mums or peers in a similar stage of life and build relationships with colleagues. Networking provides opportunities to learn from others, gain new perspectives and create potential avenues for growth.

6. Celebrate success - Successful working mums celebrate their successes, no matter how small. They acknowledge their hard work and achievements and take pride in their accomplishments. Celebrating successes helps them maintain motivation and a positive mindset.

7. Ask for help – Last but not least, successful women understand that they cannot control everything or accomplish everything independently. They ask for help from their partners, family members or friends when needed. Delegating tasks at work and home is crucial. They also teach their children responsibility by assigning them tasks.

Finally, successful women understand that their mindset plays a crucial role in their overall success. It helps them to approach their work and responsibilities with enthusiasm, creativity and a can-do attitude.

So if you are struggling with overwhelm and stress, by integrating these practical habits and nurturing a positive mindset, you can effectively manage your time, responsibilities, and overall well-being as a working woman and mum. Remember, Change takes time and consistency. Surround yourself with a supportive network of like-minded individuals who can provide encouragement and inspiration along the way.

As a coach, I partner my clients and provide them guidance and support on this transformative journey of personal and professional growth. Together, we unlearn old patterns of thinking, develop effective habits, and cultivate a mindset that empowers them to lead a successful, balanced, and fulfilling life. If you are ready to take the next step in your journey, do not hesitate to reach out. I am here to support you. Email me on if you would like to schedule a discovery call with me.

Let's work together to create the life and career you desire!


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